Since 1964, the year we opened our first branch in the Downtown Zone of the city of Tijuana B.C., we assumed the challenge of offering our customers more and better options in one place.

Always committed to this challenge, the concept of Farmacias Romawas born in the 1990s, in response to the needs of our customers and wanting to go beyond offering just medicine. We wanted to provide comfort, competive prices and a wide variety of products and services.

With more than 50 years of growth, success, dedication and care, we have passion for what we do.We are leaders in the region thanks to the loyalty of our customers, who are the engine of our day-to-day business.

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Be indispensable in your daily life.

We want to be a convenient neighbor that keeps you moving and gives you reasons to visit every day.

Deliver the best experiences with solutions that ease your day.

Our commitment is to provide quality and warmth while continuing to grow in our service.

  • Honesty
  • Passion
  • Loyalty
  • Commitment
  • Fairness and Equality
  • Social Responsibility
  • Humility
  • Perseverance

Our Philosophy

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Fundación Castro-Limón

The Castro-Limón Foundation was born in memory of Juan Carlos Castro Munguía and Irineo Limón Vargas, two young Baja California entrepreneurs, who were diagnosed with cancer in 2002.

Both decided to confront their disease and join forces to provide moral, spiritual and financial support to low-income children and adolescents also diagnosed with cancer.

The Castro-Limón Fund, A.C. was born in July 2003 after the death of both young people, then consolidated as a Foundation a year later having as its Vision the construction of a space exclusively oriented to the comprehensive care of children and young people with cancer, with particular emphasis on those from low-income communities.

Construction of the BC Pediatric Cancer Center, A.C. began in November 2004, opening its doors to our patients in January 2007.

Fundación Castro-Limón

Make A Difference!

Support Baja California children by purchasing Castro-Limón Foundation products
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Be Part of the Roma Family

Discover why Farmacias Roma is a great place to work. We are a company that cares about the well-being of its employees because we know that as a company with happy people and strong ties of friendship and trust,  we can provide a warmer service to each of our clients.