Fundación Castro-Limón

Make a Difference!

The Castro-Limón Foundation was born in memory of Juan Carlos Castro Munguía and Irineo Limón Vargas, two young entrepreneurs from Baja California, who were diagnosed with cancer in 2002. The two decided to address their illness and join forces to provide moral, spiritual and economic support to under-resourced children and adolescents also diagnosed with cancer.

The Castro-Limón Fund, A.C. was born in July 2003 after the death of both young people, then consolidated as a Foundation a year later having as its Vision the construction of a space exclusively oriented to the comprehensive care of children and young people with cancer, with particular emphasis on those from low-income communities.

Construction of the BC Pediatric Cancer Center, A.C. began in November 2004, opening its doors to our patients in January 2007.